Lynx Mountain Guides offers a diverse mix of guided outdoor experiences.

Nothing beats exploring a new sport or landscape with a local expert.

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The Northeast has a rich landscape full of stunning walks and hikes. Whether on a stroll through a rolling forest or on an all-day climb up one of New England's tallest peaks, your Lynx mountain guide will show you the natural and cultural history surrounding your adventure.

Trip locations and duration are completely customizable. 


Listed prices include one guide which, depending on the location, can take a max of 8-12 people.  


Whether it's climbing at Lake Willoughby, Hazen's Notch, Prospect Rock or anywhere in New England - climbing is a great way to experience the beauty of the Northeast.

Lynx Guides will show you beginner to advanced climbing techniques and rope skills regardless of whether it's your first time or you're an avid climber wanting to move to the next level. Join us for a challenge or to simply enjoy the views from atop a scenic location.

Listed prices include on guide only. Depending on group size and location, more guides may be necessary.


Rappelling and canyoneering are two of the greatest ways to become introduced to the vertical world of mountaineering. This will be a day filled with fun and adventurous challenges. Let our guides bring you through some of Vermont's most stunning landscapes in a way that few others get to enjoy.

We can cater these experiences to anyone of any ability or comfort level.


Add an Additional Guide: $100 for a half day/ $200 for a full day.