I grew up in southern Connecticut and at a young age I started to wander out into nature: seeking adventure. I got started camping and hiking yearround at a young age, exploring throughout the East Coast and New England. Some of the places that I ventured into were the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Adirondacks and Catskills in New York, and the Appalachain Mountains in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I started rock climbing at summer camp, and grew up skiing Stratton Mountain in VT. When I moved to Vermont for college, I pursued a degree in Outdoor Education & Adventure Leadership at Johnson State College (JSC). I spent my four years at JSC exploring New England and many other parts of the country, from Idaho to Washington State and several others in between, while skiing , snowboarding, and climbing. After graduating, I spent two months in Alaska, completing two courses offered by the International Wilderness Leadership School (IWLS).  After I returned to the East, I traveled to Maine to work for Acadia Mountain Guides as a rock climbing guide and instructor for their summer camp programs. Having since moved back to Vermont, I spend my time continuing to pursue my passions in the Green Mountains. Some of my qualifications are as follows:


- Degree in Outdoor Education & Adventure Leadership

- PCIA - Single Pitch Climbing Instructor Certified

- AMGA - Single Pitch Instructor Cores Certified

- Wilderness First Responder Certified

- AAA-Level 1 Avalance Certified

- IWLS-Heli Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering Leadership Guide & Training Course Certified

- IWLS-Avalance Level 2 Certified

craig cimmons



From playing in the woods around my house or being involved with Boy Scouts with my Dad, being outdoors and in nature has been important to me since growing up in the mountains of northern  New Jersey. The desire to show people the power of outdoor experiences led me to Vermont's Green Mountain College (GMC) to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Adventure Recreation. There I learned the skills needed to safely take people on adventures such as rock and ice climbing, paddling, biking, mountaineering, and extended wilderness travel trips. Through Green Mountain's environmental mission, I became passionate about learning as much as I could about the areas I was adventuring in. As I explored the mountains of Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire, I took varied natural science and environmental education courses, and read everything I could in orde to increase my understanding of these landscapes.

After graduating I worked a wide variety of adventure-based jobs: directing GMC's adventure programming office (Green MAP), working as an adventure guide with a focus on rock and ice climbing, as a wilderness camp counselor, and as an adventure-based team building facilitator. There I designed a degree program in Sustainable Recreation where I focused my education on increasing my ecological literacy. I strive to have a better understanding of the natural systems that support the environments we depend on for life, fun and adventures.

I've spent much of my life exploring and understanding diverse landscapes, and I have worked to show these wonders to people of all backgrounds. I've traveled to more than a dozen countries around the globe, and have worked with people from all walks of life. From Vermont farm kids to people from the urban wildernesses of New York City and New Jersey, I love facilitating a person's connection to adventure and nature.

Lynx Mountain Guides of Vermont is the culmination of these passions and experiences. Please join Nick, our guides, and myself on an adventure and allow us to show you the rich communities that live among the mountains of the northeast.

I look forward to seeing you,


OUR guides

autumn & bayou

Chances are you may be joined on an adventure by at least one of these two.

Autumn is a four-year-old husky and absolutely adores people, being doted on, and running around (and sometimes away) in the woods. She also charms us all with her adorable howls.

Bayou is a 13-year-old hound/lab mix that loves to follow a scent through the woods. He has a strong bark but don’t worry - no bite. He is quite agile for his age and loves being outside. He tends to walk sedately with the group now that he is older, and lives to lay in the grass (or better yet: on a couch-if he's not on your trip, he probably chose the couch that day).