Sunday Sunny Funday


The thunderstorms during the past two days at Jay Peak were not favorable for mountain top adventuring, to say the least. But tomorrow (7/23) is a different story. You can join us tomorrow morning on the 10:00 Tram to the summit to rappel and climb on the stunning ridge. And we will remain set up all day, so come up when ever you want. Once at the top, you can rappel 100 feet off the peak of the mountain, hike over to a fixed-line, and use an ascender to climb the rocky face right back to where you started. Afterwards, enjoy the view and your accomplishment, and whenever you are ready, you can take the Tram back down to the base.

This is a very user friendly adventure, designed for anyone five years old and up. We specialize in helping people overcome their fears, and we will be right there with you talking you through it step by step. We provide all the technical equipment - all you need is a pair of shoes fit for hiking.

Come experience an iconic part of Jay Peak like few have before. You will never look at the Ridge the same way again.

New Reduced Pricing:

Including Tram ticket for the 10:00 tram - $27 adults, $23 for kids 10 and under.

If you choose to meet us at the top (you'll be responsible for your own tram ticket, or you can hike up!) - $20 adults, $15 for kids 10 and under.

Jay Peak employees - $15

Pay cash, check, or credit card at the summit.

Contact us for more information. You should text or call us to confirm we are still up there later in the day.


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